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New Youtube - The Leafs win the cup! This year!

Did the Toronto Maple Leafs just become a contender?

The news hit Toronto like a Canadian blizzard. The Leafs had just acquired defenseman Jake Muzzin from the Los Angeles Kings without giving up a single roster player in the process. Many GM's and Toronto media "gulped" as with one flick of the switch the Toronto Maple Leafs had a defense, suddenly. Jake Muzzin was a hard hitting defense first 6 ft 3" 217 lb monster who had been selected and played well for team Canada. He had won a Stanley cup and played with all star defensemen Drew Doughty very effectively. Jake Muzzin played both sides of the ice and thus was the perfect guy to play top pairing with the soaring Morgan Reilly. Dubas had taken a shot and come up roses. He had the pieces and Los Angeles got a very fair price. For one thing Muzzin only had another year before entering free agency, it was doubtful they could pay him fair market price.Toronto on the other hand would soon be losing Jake Gardiner to free agency and given his skillset he is worth north of $6M/ yr. Toronto would likely not have the room to match that. They would be busy resigning Mitch Marner, Auston Mathews, Kappanen and even potential 30 goal Andreas Johnsson might be a tough contract to fit in. Muzzin became the perfect guy to help Reilly with tough assignments and bump Hainsey lower into the bottom pairing to school the youngsters. You see Toronto had a very enviable situation, they needed to bring Dermott, Liljegren and soon 2018 first rounder Sandin into their lineup. They were both cheaper and soon some would be better than Gardiner who struggled at times with the concept of defense first, even often getting booed by the paying fans.This trade made Jake Gardiner's situation much more muddy now as Toronto could now look at trading him at trade deadline perhaps for an even higher first rounder ? What was Jake Gardiner's value to team straining to make the playoffs and in need of playoff revenue ? Some teams love rentals because it allows them to go over cap and then walk away the next year.

Let's break down this trade. The Leafs traded early on a contract with one more full year for the exact thing they needed while covering themselves when Gardiner left as he was almost certain to do much like JVR the year before.They gave up  good prospects with Carl Grundstrom a potential top 9,  20 goal winger. They gave up second rounder 2018 defenseman Sean Durzi and of course their first rounder in 2019, said to be a strong draft.

Outcome: Tie. This trade was good for both teams and Muzzin may actually be gone just as Grundstrom, Durzi and the first rounder arrive in L.A. For all we know Durzi is the next Muzzin. Grundstrom would help L.A replace some of their aging wingers at a cheaper rate. And the first rounder well that was a crap shoot and it would be a late first but odds are L.A will get a player if it is a strong draft. In other words L.A just got 3 young players for years for a guy with one year left they couldn't resign anyway.Dubas did well and got what he wanted and needed but so did the L.A Kings as they follow the Toronto model and begin rebuilding.I just can't criticize either GM for what they got or what they gave. This trade made total sense from both sides and the timing was perfect. This is your typical " This trade works for both teams in the here and now!" The Leafs are now contenders and I'm sure other GM's in the East just took note.

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Dubas hits pressure point.

It seems to be a yearly occasion, after Christmas every year the wheels just fall off in Toronto. Their glowing season suddenly went south. But what are the real reasons ? It was simple, other teams were starting to play harder in the tough second half of the East. Other good coaches were able to put together a team plan to pick apart Babcock's predictable lines. The truth was the only truly reliable defenseman Toronto had was Morgan Reilly. Ron Hainsey, who has huge miles now was pushing 38, not a good age for a guy who never was a top 2 defenseman ever before.The Leaf fans fresh off the seven game collapse against Boston in the playoffs were on Gardiner's case again, Dermott was young, Russian Ozhiganoz was a rookie, Zaitsev had regressed and that left Morgan Reilly as their defense. Goalie Freddie Andersen was injured exposing a truly horrible defense. All stretch passes that no longer worked, precious little physical acumen. Teams had figured out to pressure Jake Gardiner who was already dreaming off his big, fat $7M payday this summer. The teams balance of all skill, scared to go in the corners forwards was coming unglued and Leaf fans had every reason to question whether Mathews was really worth as much as say Connor Mcdavid who gets $12 Million/ yr. If Mathew's agent thought that he may have to think again.

But there was now more to the story. William Nylander had demanded the big bucks before he had ever delivered and ever since his return Toronto has neither looked good or even close to how they had played in the easy part of the schedule. A Pieterangelo and his grandiose, team killing $9M a year demands would never , ever fix this. That is a pipe dream. This team is misbuilt for playoff success now and the foreseable future. Another first round exit would not and will not do. Don't lie to yourself and pretend there wouldn't be some serious fallout if Dubas listened to the media pundits and screwed up with a dumb trade right now. Every year a team needs to get rid of a player and starts dumb rumours hoping to pick the Leaf's pockets again.To land say a Rask, a Courtnall, Scott Niedermayer or a nice top 3 pick to take a Luongo or perhaps even a nice Kessel in his prime. The problem was because of the stupidity of the media in Toronto, other GM's thought they didn't have to pay and so the stupid rumours began.They grew a life of their own as it were. This year they try and rush to the defense of Gardiner who many fans can clearly see as not good enough, nor is the team's effort that great. There was no beef in the line up and it was clearly evident. People can say trade Nylander but are you sure other GM"s are calling right now for a guy who is clearly not producing and is no longer cheap. A guy who since his return the whole team has tanked?

Dubas is now in a pressure point. The fans are booing as the yearly debacle begins. The Leafs look awful as the coach admits he "doesn't have enough heavy skaters."  and newly signed Center John Tavares pipes up and states, a brutally obvious " We have no grit." All of a sudden Burke was in there going " Aha!"

The news is now out, this lineup in it's current form not only will not win a cup, it never will. The chemistry was wrong and an experienced GM would see that.Dubas could now risk a trade but would need to get the right piece or two. This team had now become "break upable" because it wasn't working and hadn't been working for a quite a while. No Andersen means no defense anymore. In the East unless you had proven mega stars in their prime(Crosby, Malkin,Kessel) you must have defense. You will not outscore Tampa Bay, Washington or even a Boston. In short Toronto was not built to grind it out over 7 games with a bigger and meaner team and so they would lose. It is now official. Unless this team adds at least 2 pretty serious pieces and removes any cancer that may be building in the dressing room they will lose in the first round this year and Kyle Dubas' theories on relativity would be busted. Not one of the ever patient Leaf fans would buy it, the media would jump him(Dubas) and like it or not, someone's head would likely roll.

Let us hope Kyle Dubas is half as smart as they say he is because his moment of truth, just arrived.There was good news, there was hope. The reason? The trade deadline was at hand and many teams were in worse shape than Toronto, there was no denying that. These GM's might not have the option to miss the playoffs this year and next as well.They needed what Dubas had, young offense. Dubas has the pieces while not needing to overpay. Leaf fans must be patient and stay the course. Our days of way overpaying for other teams problems were over. St Louis had the problem with a rofl $9M Pieterangelo, not Dubas. You see, all Dubas has to do is wait till TD ,if needed and make a couple of cheaper rentals and the fans would at least acknowledge it. The only mistake Dubas could make is do nothing while bleating on about make believe trends in the NHL. An aging Bettman could be gone tommorrow, then who is next and what is their trend ? The current trend is the Washington Capitals finally won the cup and they are a big , mean, hard playing team that would crush a small, weak team like Toronto.

This will either be Dubas' finest hour or his complete undoing. The ever patient Leaf fans no longer have the patience for excuses, champions don't make them. Losers do.

Wow ! Odd twist of fate. : The former GM of Toronto and his NY Islanders, John Tavares ex team were just 2 pts. back of the Leafs who now face major cap pressure this summer. Boston is right back on our tail.

Are Dubas and Babcock, Tavares on a collision course ?

With the Leafs coach Mike Babcock complaining he doesn't have " enough heavy skaters " and Leaf GM Kyle Dubas saying " He just doesn't buy it.", something may have to give. The Toronto Maple Leafs have skill to burn, they are four lines deep even but do they have the right balance ? The Leafs have now lost three out of four games beating only a Pettersson - less Vancouver team who claimed travel hurt their play in a 5 to 0 crushing. Kyle Dubas has acknowledged he covets a defenseman, apparently a right shooting one. Few would argue with that statement but the concern is that teams now target stars such as Auston Mathews, or Andreas Johnsson without fear of retribution. Toronto also had star Center John Tavares state " We need more grit." Toronto is not that strong on the boards and may be missing JVR and his ability to drive the net at times.

The question is, can the Toronto Maple Leafs contend this year? The answer is yes and they have no choice. The truth is anything can happen.No one truly knows the future.Wayne Gretzky got traded and both stars Mitch Marner, Auston Mathews as well as winger Kasperi Kapanen are due a big pay raise. Dubas says he isn't worried about offer sheets from other GM's hungry to lure a star into town and make the playoffs. What happens if someone offers star Center Auston Mathews $14 million per year ? Or for that matter Mitch Marner gets offered $11 Million ? How much does Kapanen want to stay in Toronto ?  No one really knows and it is possible this team could start to implode as early as this summer. This Leaf team has to take the chance while the chance is there and while they have the kids on the cheap payroll because it won't last. The kids need to be tested to see what they have(or don't have) and challenged in order to grow. This is afterall Toronto, and I haven't seen a chance like this since 1993. That was a long time ago. Many are concerned that Toronto might struggle in a 7 game series against some of the tougher opponents such as Boston, Washington and Tampa Bay. Not to mention Sidney Crosby and his suddenly hot Pittsburgh Penguins, winners of 8 straight.

If the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in the first round again it would not be pretty and the vultures would be looking for blood. The pressure is immense in Toronto and the fans even boo the second place team when they have a bad game. Could you imagine if Gm Kyle Dubas ignored coach Mike Babcock and John Tavares only to watch his stars get injured, pushed around and then lose in the first round ? There would be some egg on someone's face and most likely it would be GM Kyle Dubas. People might play the " He is inexperienced" card ,especially if they lost in the first round to ex GM Lou Lamoriello and the suddenly surging New York Islanders. One has to pick one's battles and Dubas might be wise to concede to Babcock's and Tavares' demands.

Toronto has the pieces to make a trade such as RW Jeremy Bracco who is playing well in the AHL with the Toronto Marlies. The Maple Leafs will likely lose a good player in the upcoming ,Seattle expansion draft anyway. It is good to be patient but not if the opportunity passes you by. If Toronto can add some rentals such Philadelphia's Wayne Simmonds and a veteran right handed defenseman, I highly doubt the Maple Leaf fans would hold it against him. If  Kyle Dubas does nothing and losses because a star gets injured or the Leafs get worn down by a bigger team, the Maple Leaf fans will jump him and not coach Mike Babcock. The coach isn't responsible for the product on the ice. His job is to optimize what he has. But if the coach and veteran Center John Tavares both express a need and it is ignored then that falls on the General Manager not the coach. Toronto Maple Leaf fans by and large are ready to go for it now. Anything can happen but the Washington Capitals took decades to win before they finally woke up and got more beef in their line up, even re signing Pelly- Smith to a one year deal. The choice GM Kyle Dubas faces is does he hold on to assets and keep drafting or does he protect his stars while helping his team avoid injuries ? The right player could also help their power play and their corner work while helping their stars avoid unneeded injuries or even targeting such as has happened with Auston Mathews.

While Kyle Dubas may or may not buy it , Coach Mike Babcock and veteran John Tavares clearly do. One also has to wonder how Brennan Shanahan, a former big, tough scoring winger views things. Kyle Dubas may be playing possum, after all he was trained by Lou Lamorello. At the end of the day if he doesn't address these concerns the blame should the Leafs exit early will fall on the inexperienced GM and in Toronto, the center of the hockey universe that won't be easy to live down. I'm hoping Kyle Dubas sees the light and is just waiting for the right trades at the right cost while waiting for trade deadline since the Leafs are in a comfortable spot right now, in second place at this writing. While Kyle Dubas may feel pressure from coach Mike Babcock and John Tavares he will surely preach patience just as Lou would have taught him to do. Fret not Leaf fans, when the time comes The Maple Leafs will add the pieces at a price that makes sense and if they do they have a real chance to get to the Stanley cup or at least win one round, helping the kids to grow. In the brutal East conference  this year anyone could beat almost anyone. Anyone could get injured, worn down or lose a key player. It is the kind of year whoever is the most healthy could easily win and if by some miracle they made it out of the East the odds are whoever wins the West this year won't be nearly as tough as the teams they have previously played in the Eastern conference. Toronto needs to progress this year, they need to win a round or two. Maple Leaf fans also have to be patient, Kyle Dubas may have to find a way to unload defenseman Nikita Zaitsev and his $ 4.5 Million a year contract that he inherited. If he can do that, he not only will look brilliant he will have the needed cap space to add what Toronto clearly needs. Toronto is in need of a veteran top 3 right handed defenseman and a top 9 "heavy skating " forward. Toronto has clearly missed Zach Hyman and injuries will likely play a factor in this year's playoffs. If Kyle Dubas sits idle many of us feel a first round exit is highly possible and the fallout from that in Toronto would be immense.

Footnote: In a 4 to zero loss to Nashville coach Babcock lamented " It was men versus boys." Hint,hint.

Feb 20 2019: Coach Mike Babcock has put defenseman Ron Hainsey back with Morgan Reilly on the top pairing. Newly acquired Jake Muzzin is playing with Nikita Zaitsev furthur down the line up. The rumour is coach Babcock is sending a message to GM Kyle Dubas that he wants a right handed defenseman badly. One has to wonder about the relationship between these two when they need to communicate this way.

Feb 21st 2019: Heavy hitting Washington Capital forward Pelly-Smith,a force in last year's Washington Capital Stanley cup run, was waived and cleared waivers yesterday. Mike Babcock had lamented his lack of heavy sakters while John Tavares had said " We need more grit" in our lineup. While it is understandable that Leaf GM Kyle Dubas wants to hold onto prospects such as 2nd round pick  RW Jeremy Bracco and defenesmean Liljegren and Sandin both former first round picks, Pelly- Smith would have been a free pick up . It is hard to see how Pelly- Smith could have hurt their 4th line and could have been a heavy hitter for them in the playoffs if the Leafs face their nemesis the Boston Bruins. He also has a Stanley cup ring and could provide both protection and leadership to a small, soft but highly skilled Leaf forward group that lacks size and grit. One can only think Toronto Maple Leaf GM Kyle Dubas has a trade up his sleeve since Mike Babcock is over playing Ron Hainsey on the top pair and has newly acquired defenseman Jake Muzzin playing furthur down the line up with Zaitsev. 3 days to go till trade deadline and many fans think the Maple Leafs need to make some additions or they face another first round exit again, which would make it 3 years straight.I doubt many fans would be impressed with that. After all this is pro sports and the fans have the right to demand results not excuses, year after year after year. Losing breeds losing.

Devante Smith-Pelly

Right Wing -- shoots R
Born Jun 14 1992 -- Scarborough, ONT
[26 yrs. ago]
Height 6.00 -- Weight 223 [183 cm/101 kg]
Drafted by Anaheim Ducks
- round 2 #42 overall 2010 NHL Entry Draft
Devante Smith-Pelly hockey player photo 
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
2008-09Mississauga St. Michael's MajorsOHL5713122524-4112354
2009-10Mississauga St. Michael's MajorsOHL60293362352716861420
2010-11Mississauga St. Michael's MajorsOHL673630665049201562116
2011-12Anaheim DucksNHL49761316-7----------
2011-12Syracuse CrunchAHL401121----------
2012-13Norfolk AdmiralsAHL6514183265-20----------
2012-13Anaheim DucksNHL70000-4----------
2013-14Anaheim DucksNHL192810251250524
2013-14Norfolk AdmiralsAHL5527164329-1----------
2014-15Anaheim DucksNHL5451217121----------
2014-15Montreal CanadiensNHL2012312-2121232
2015-16Montreal CanadiensNHL46661222-2----------
2015-16New Jersey DevilsNHL1885138-1----------
2016-17New Jersey DevilsNHL5345912-19----------
2017-18Washington CapitalsNHL75791638-62471812
2018-19Washington Capitals*NHL5444815-6
2018-19Hershey BearsAHLStatistics Unavailable
NHL Totals3954457101137481331638

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