Latest trade rumours. Toronto Maple Leafs 2018/2019 season.

Well it is that time again, to decipher between grass concocted fantasies at the bar/work or reality driven murmurs from those in the supposed know. This is the net, so please take it with some salt.

 August 12th: weak rumour of Tyler Myers being traded to the Leafs.

Fake Twitter rumour : August 3rd-   The Maple Leafs sign William Nylander to a 6 year contract at an average of  $6.575 Million per year.

Rumour: August 1st 2018 - The are rumours Toronto has some interest in St Louis' Defenseman Colton Parayko. Hard to believe because St Louis is in win now mode and the price would be very high. I would imagine the bid starts with William Nylander who is apparently asking for $8M/yr to sign.We will follow this one as it would greatly help the Leafs defense but try not to lose any sleep as I would rate this one as not very likely to happen.

Nothing tangible to report on Nylander deal. We may be starting the season without him at this point. Thankfully we signed Tavares.

October 6 2018 : Rumour is William Nylander seeks $8.5 M and isn't budging on his demands. To me it looks like he will not be signed. The reality is Ehlers on Winnipeg makes $6.5M and there is nothing in Nylander's game set that implies he is better or even as good as Ehlers. If Winnipeg called and offered me Ehlers for Nylander straight up right now, I would take it. Odds are now good he will have to be traded, we simply can't make those numbers work with the group we have. Kadri, Andersen and Reilly all make about $5M each. I would now rate it above 50 percent he is traded and most likely for a defenseman. If that happens Gardiner(UFA soon) comes into play.

Dumping McIheney may very well come back and bite us, cost cutting measure or not. Sparks needs to win some games and not get blown out or we may be looking for another backup G.

October 13 /18 : There is a rumour Colorado may offer sheet Nylander 6 yrs for $48M which would cost them four first rounders. Stay tuned.

October 20th :Rumours are that the Leafs won't be signing Nylander longterm for the money he wants rumoured to be $8M/yr. They will now negotiate on short term. No sign of a trade as of now.

October 27th  2018 :Another one bites the dust? It was about to be announced within days,William  Nylander was no longer practicing in Austria, new bridge deal... Not! Dubas has been taking in games and the most likely trading partner is... Carolina. They are on fire with a good young team and have the defense to barter with. I could also see a team like NYR being willing to pay Nylander his asking price. But do they have the pieces?

* retarded talk of the month; Leafs will trade Kadri to make room for Nylander. Odds now zero, Mathews is injured again, Kadri goes nowhere.

November 3rd. Toronto just thumped Pittsburgh 5 to 0 with Morgan Reilly now off his leash and starting to look every bit the impact defenseman we always thought he would be. Odds are now very high Nylander gets traded. Dubas has been seen scouting other teams and December 1st gets closer. This was always going to happen. At $ 8M/yr. Nylander played his hand, fans must accept this but Toronto had no plan for this and made their move when they signed Tavares. Toronto needs pieces for the playoffs and Nylander is the collateral teams want and need, offense. The Leafs are plentiful offensively and something had to give and it did, Nylander opted out of Toronto in  his own way, " I need to take care of myself." I don't blame him but we cannot afford him and to win a cup a price must be paid. 87 percent chance now Dubas is getting ready to pull the trigger, his hand has been forced but in a way he must have known that when he signed Tavares. Nylander wants to be front and center and paid that way, he can never do that in Leafland. With Mathews, Tavares, Marner and Reilly in front of him he needs to go to a team where the competition to be spotlight is far more sparse and of course the GM thinks his 41 pts. playing with Mathews is worth $8 M/ yr. Like it or not but Kapanen now replaces Nylander and life goes on just as did for the Oilers after Greztky went to L.A.. that's hockey.

November 23rd 2018 : The rumour is Dubas will have words on the William Nylander situation by 5pm today. My guess is bridge deal at this point. Stay tuned. OK and after 5 pm... keep staying tuned ?

Nov 28th 2018 : Auston Mathews returns vs San Jose Sharks and mercifully Nylander has a date with December 1st coming up.

November 29th: Nice Rumour. The Flyers may be shaking things up soon and one player I could see Dubas and Toronto having interest in is Wayne Simmonds. The Leafs could sure use a guy like him in the top 9 and he could have surprising impact in this lineup. The price a good young player who can play soon, perhaps our first rounder 2018 and winger Ygor Korshkov a former Hunter 2nd overall pick.

December 1st 5:03 pm  Word is William Nylander has signed with the Leafs at 6 years / $6.9M.

Dec 3rd 2018: Josh Leivo goes to the Canucks for an unknown undrafted winger called Carcone. The Canucks win this one and I hope there are some future considerations in there. Leivo could pot 20 goals someday but with William Nylander to make room for, his days were numbered. Best of luck and you did well Josh!

Dec 12th 2018: Bad rumour alert. Alex Pieterangelo may be up for grabs after St Louis is off to their worst start since I don't know when. The Leafs have the pieces but it is doubtful they will pay the price. Right now The Leafs have Gardiner and Zaitsev to contend with and quite frankly, they don't have the cap nor the desire. Pure media speculation at best. Won't happen... Apparently Pieterangelo  needs to go for hand surgery.

Dec 23rd: This one may have some legs. The Leafs may have some interest in Kronwall as a rental, especially given his history with Mike Babcock in Detroit. I'm not sure of the price but if it is reasonable such as a 2nd rounder it is very plausible at TD.

Jan 1st 2019 : The rumour that won't go away. Pieternagelo. Rumour is the Leafs have some interest but what is the cost?

Jan 6th 2019 : Leafs add veteran goalie Michael Hutchinson from Florida for a 5th rounder in 2020. Hutchinson looked solid in his first  Leaf game getting a shut out versus the Canucks in a 5 to 0 thrashing.

Rumours are Simmonds is not happy in Philly and it doesn't look good for Philly making the playoffs thus year. JVR has not panned out either. A player such as  Marlies Jeremy Bracco is bound to get their attention but will Dubas pay that price ?